Welcome to Fluency.org!
This mission of The Fluency Project is to disseminate information about behavioral fluency and to connect people interested in building fluent behavior of all kinds, for all types of people: children, adults, professionals, athletes, musicians... everyone! 

This website was inspired by a growing interest among both laypersons and professionals in fluency research and application. The groundwork for fluency-based learning and performance improvement methods has been laid in many published articles and chapters, as well as in unpublished and out-of-print papers and reports. One of our goals is to provide access as widely as possible to as many of those invaluable resources as we can. Tell your friends and colleagues and please forward our URL (www.fluency.org) to everyone who cares about learning as much as possible as rapidly as possible. 

This site contains lists of  publications and unpublished documents, conference presentations and handouts, and links to additional resources and organizations on the Web – with lots of downloadable materials in original form. We're actively seeking contributions of documents and other resources (links, video material, etc.) to add to the available online archive, including rigorous graduate student theses and dissertations and unusual experiments or interventions with helpful and convincing data that we can share with others. 

We invite researchers, colleagues, students, parents, employers, educators, performance improvement professionals, managers and everyone else to look through our growing collection of resources related to fluency research and development. There's something here for you – we've got information for just about any audience you can imagine. 

Please email us with your suggestions, requests and comments at info@fluency.org .