Here are some links to other web sites and resources, some of which provide fluency-based teaching, tutoring, and coaching services to others.

This is the web site of Fit Learning, a cutting-edge Precision Teaching learning center that emerged from the University of Nevada program in Behavior Analysis in the Psychology Department, and is now a network of private learning centers serving children and adolescents. They continue to provide cutting-edge services while maintaining a rich scientist-practitioner agenda of discovery and development.

In PerformanceXpress, the online newsletter of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) www.PerformanceXpress.org). Many of the columns relate to the underlying measurement approach used in Precision Teaching and standard celeration charting. When you click to go to a specific issue from the links page, be sure to wait until the URL loads fully so that it will scroll down in the newsletter to where the Measurement Counts! column appears.

Morningside, a school for elementary and middle school children and a teacher-training institute, has existed since 1980 as one of the most well-respected integrators of research-based instructional methodologies in the world. At the foundation of effectiveness at Morningside are methods for measuring and developing fluent skills and knowledge with Precision Teaching. Dr. Kent Johnson, founder and Director of Morningside, has trained hundreds of teachers affecting thousands of children and has developed the Morningside Model of Generative Instruction as a vehicle for disseminating his continuously evolving methodological synthesis.

Athabasca University This great online reference and learning module covers Precision Teaching, Ogden Lindsley it's inventor, and basic methods and concepts related to fluency-based instruction. It is a valuable resource that Athabasca University generously makes available to the World.

Michael Maloney, one of the first to combine Precision Teaching with Direct Instruction teaching methods provides a line of books and educational materials that enable parents, homeschoolers, teachers, tutors, and others to develop fluent skills in the basic academics.

Begun by a long-time Precision Teaching practitioner and Consultant, Richard McManus, this tutoring center is among the better known fluency-based learning centers for children.

Once a world renowned Precision Teaching learning center in Napa, California, The Haughton Learning Center has become primarily a publisher of learner validated Precision Teaching programs. Elizabeth Haughton, it's founder, is a specialist in foundation academic and language skills for children, and perhaps the most long-time continuous practitioner of Precision Teaching still active today.

This school and provider of online services in West Hartford, CT, is one of the foremost providers of fluency-based educational methods for students with learning challenges, founded in 1983 by Aileen Stan-Spence, Ph.D., and Ian Spence, Ph.D.

This is the home of researchers and practitioners who use the Standard Celeration Chart and Precision Teaching – the original form of fluencybased learning and teaching for children and adults. The Society publishes a journal, lists resources, and offers an email list server for discussion about Precision Teaching and standard celeration charting.

This site sells both large mechanical timers that you can use to make the passage of time visible and a CD with programs for Mac or Windows that put a nice analog timer on the screen. (We use them for timed activities in group training workshops.)